It's Up To You

Do you want to be just lazy in bed or do you want to be tied up and ravished by a horny Asian nymph? The choice is yours. I am a mere folly to your fantasy. Would you like to go walk around the casino, perhaps play some card games? I can sit by you as a good luck charm, making sure your drinks are always topped off.

A Sexy Date?

I would look beautiful and I would be sure you could see just a little nipple as you coyly glance down my shirt. I know that is a wild turn on for many men. Hey, I have had guys win lots of money with me as their good luck charm. Don't knock it till you try it.

I'm Your Companion

When you book an appointment with the one and only Ming, you are able to enjoy an experience unlike any other. I'm so tiny, my companions can't help but to feel big and powerful. I'm feisty, though. I don't need protection....but it is always nice to have. 

You simply haven't done Vegas until you do Vegas with me. I'll show you parts of town that you didn't even know existed. You're the boss when you're with me. My goal as an escort is to make sure you have a fantastic time in Las Vegas. And listed, if you're into getting high, I would absolutely love to share some cannabis with you. Just let me know what you are into. I'm the type of girl who is always eager to please. I want to put a smile on your face. We're going to have so much fun together! I promise.